We’re working on a number of great new features for our App. Here’s a preview of what’s coming.

1. New diary search option – look for events for today/this week, for the week-end, and beyond.
2. Switch to a “Venues” view, where you can browse our hundreds of places to go with kids
3. Search the I’m Bored directories for something eg. “play centre” “restaurant” etc
4. BIG NEWS – Add your own events! Do you know of an event that we haven’t listed, or are you the media officer for a kid-friendly event? Just add the event live into our database, with images, GPS co-ords, and all the info you can provide. All events will be curated before they are visible to the public.

Here’s a preview of our new in-Facebook App, and you can sign up at https://apps.facebook.com/imboredkids/

Facebook App Version 2