N2ice Cream Lab

Fresh ingredients blended and instantly frozen before your very eyes at a sensational new ice cream bar – preservative and additive free!

Liquid nitrogen ice cream will change the way that you think about ice cream. Fresh ingredients are blended and instantly frozen before your very eyes. It’s all additive free, preservative free, and emulsifier free.

In sixty seconds, your customised ice cream is ready – thanks to a blasting by liquid nitrogen at a very cool -196 degrees.

The result is subliminal. The texture is like velvet. The taste is simply sensational.

Liquid nitrogen is odourless, tasteless and non toxic. It’s totally safe to eat anything made with it – by the time that your ice cream is made, the liquid nitrogen has completely disappeared and the end product is a velvet smooth and densely textured ice cream.

Most ice creams are made in the traditional way – by freezing them at around -30 degrees C for hours on end. Ice cream is created when ice crystals form and join together. Every time there is an electricity outage, your ice cream in the deep freeze will start to slowly de-crystallize and the re-crystallize itself, which is why you have that crunchy icy layer on top, and maybe most of the way through, no matter how good the quality or fancy brand you have bought.

Liquid nitrogen ice cream is smarter. Cooler. Because it’s blasted with liquid nitrogen at such a ridiculously low temperature, its ice crystals are absolutely microscopic, which is why it is super smooth.

Contact details

Web: http://ow.ly/DcVID
Email: maija@n2icecreamlab.co.za
Tel: 0845161818
Where: The Emporium, 10 Sandown Road, Parklands