Open Ocean Festival at the V&A Waterfront

The most fun spectators can have from the shore! The Open Ocean Festival at the V&A until 19 Nov – jetovators, dragon-boat racing, kidzone.

Open every day until Wednesday 19 November at the V&A Waterfront, the Festival is packed with adrenaline-pumping water activities. All activities take place in Victoria Basin where they can be viewed from the Volvo Ocean Race Village and from Jetty 1, Jetty 2 and Quay Six.

Jetovator: Saturday 8, Sunday 9 and Wed 19 (various times)
For the most extreme fun you can have on water, don’t miss the Open Ocean Festival Jetovator demonstration in the Quay Six basin. The Jetovator, when attached to a boat as a power source, propels a rider meters into the air by forcing water through a hose to create a jet effect. Professional fly boarders will entertain the crowd with their skill and technique on on Saturday 8 and Sunday 9 November from 12h00 and on Wednesday 19 November from 14h00.

Dragon boat racing: Tuesday 4, Thursday 6 and Saturday 8 (various times)
Teams of rowers in their colourful dragon boats will demonstrate their skill and precision as they race across the Quay Six Basin. Spectators can view them from the Volvo Race Village on Tuesday 4 and Thursday 6 November from 16h00 and on Saturday 8 from 08h00. The boats will be dressed with heads and tails and rowers will be dressed in their team kits. Drummers will add to the air of festivity.

Open Water Team Relay Swim: Wednesday 5 November, 17h00 (registration) 18h00 start
Everyone can enter the Waterfront’s Open Ocean Festival Open Water team relay swim on Wednesday 5 November at the Quay Six Basin. Registration opens at 17h00 at the Race Village and the race begins at 18h00. Teams consisting of four people will get to swim four 200m laps. For more information, or to enter the race, contact Derek Frazer at, or enter via

Surf-ski team relay: Thursday 6 November 18h00 to 19h45 (registration from 17h00)
Don’t miss the surf-ski team relay competition across the harbour basin. The race can be viewed from the Volvo Race Village in front of Quay Six, or from Jetty 1 or Jerry two. Teams will have to complete four 400-meter relay laps on one of two types of surf skis. Two types of surf-ski’s will be used, namely the ‘spec-ski’ which is commonly used by lifesavers for its ability to move easily through waves, and the ‘ocean-ski’ which is longer and created to deal with open ocean swells.

Stand-up and Prone Paddling: Friday 7 November 18h00 to 19h00
Visitors to the Quay Six basin can watch teams of experienced Stand-up Prone Paddlers compete against each other in five 400-meter relay laps across the harbour basin. The ancient Polynesian skill of prone paddling involved kneeling on a flat surf-board while paddling across the ocean. The competing relay teams will undertake the race standing up on their boards.

Canoe polo: Saturday 8 to Sunday 9, 09h00 to 16h00
Watch canoe polo teams battle it out – the specially designed canoes used will be slightly smaller. Goals will be positioned approximately two to three meters above the water, and teams score by throwing or flicking with a paddle.

Xtreme water polo: Monday 10 to Wednesday 12, 18h00 to 19h00
A three-day Xtreme Water Polo challenge – the basin will be divided into four separate polo pools to cordon off the playing fields in which two 12-minute chukkas are played. The rules will vary from standard water polo rules.

Sunset Mile Open Water Swim
Make waves in the V&A Waterfront’s Sunset Mile Open Water Swim on Wednesday, 12 November at the Quay Six basin. Anyone can enter and individuals will be required to swim one ‘mile’ across the harbour basin. Registration takes place at 19h00 and the race will start at 18h00. For more information, or to enter the race, contact Derek Frazer at, or enter via

The Kids’ Ahoy Playground outside the Amphitheatre will be a hive of activity during the Volvo Ocean Race stopover. The play area will include a play area, workshop tent, and pedal cars as well as picnic tables for families to enjoy a meal.

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