International speedcube competition

Anyone can enter the International Speedcube Competition at CTSC on Sun 30 – and watch two world record holders solving cubes in under 6s!

To celebrate four decades of the Rubik’s Cube there have been over 443 official cube competitions happening around the world (from Ankara to Zonhoven).

Speedcubes has now added South Africa to that list and will host two official competitions, first in Johannesburg at the Sci-Bono Discovery Centre on Sunday 23rd November (09h00 to 17h00) and then at the Science Centre in Cape Town on Sunday 30 November (09h00 to 17h00).

R 20 000 worth of prize money is up-for-grabs, including for the youngest and oldest competitor at each event.

Feliks Zemdegs from Melbourne and Mats Valk from Amsterdam are the current Speedcube world champions and are both travelling to South Africa to compete at the Johannesburg and Cape Town events. Feliks currently holds the world record for solving the cube with an average time of 6.54 seconds, and Mat holds the record for the fastest single time of 5.55 seconds. Both are absolutely passionate about their craft and watching them ‘perform’ will be one of the highlights for the two competitions.

Join the world champions to share the joy and competitiveness of cubing. The events are about each participant reaching their personal best and having their time recorded with the World Cube Association. The Cape Town Science Centre and Sci-Bono Discovery Centre will be waiving entrance fees to the centres for the day to promote the learning made possible by engaging with a timeless toy.

To enter the competition, register at (R 45 per entry discounted entry fee).

Contact details

Tel: 0213003200
Where: 370B Main Road, Observatory