Science Centre Holiday Programme

Download the CT Science Centre’s exciting holiday programme for children – loads of fun stuff to do until 18 January. Click link for details.

Daily activities for children aged 5+. The activities are included with entry fee to the CTSC unless otherwise stated. Standard entry fees to the Cape Town Science Centre apply to all visitors. Download a programme reflecting the dates and times of the presentations at

CD hovercrafts
Create a vehicle that floats on air in this uplifting workshop.

CSI murder mystery
Be a forensic scientist and solve the murder mystery.

Christmas chromatography
Create Christmas decorations of colourful strings of light using the scientific art of chromatography.

Dark room photo printing
Learn about the art of wet printing and have a go at developing some photos old school style.

Digital photography
Learn about what makes a good picture from our resident photographer and have a go at taking some great photos.

Dino hunt
Follow the clues to find the puzzle pieces and be the first to complete the puzzle to win a prize.

Drag racing cups
Build your own drag racer using simple everyday objects and see if your racer is the fastest.

Festive fossils
Learn how fossils are formed and use Plaster of Paris to create some Christmas-themed fossils.

Ice cream in a bag
Cool down in this workshop and learn how to make ice cream in two minutes flat! (Warning: May be tasty!)

Merry sounds
‘Tis the season to be jolly! Make a merry musical instrument and learn about the science of sound.

Pinhole cameras
How does a camera work? Learn the basics by making a simple camera.

Radio workshop
Use electric circuit kits to build a radio and tune in to your favourite radio station.

Rocket hour
Have fun launching rockets using straws, water bottles, vinegar and baking soda.

Santa’s magic milk
Explore the science of colour and make ordinary milk turn into a magical Christmas swirl of pretty colours.

Silly science game
Have fun testing your scientific knowledge in this silly science board game.

Solar oven
Learn to cook with the power of the sun, come and build a simple solar oven.

Super subs
Make a water bottle submarine and learn about buoyancy.

Summer olympics
Join us for some fun in the sun with prizes to be won.

Survival of the fittest
Survival of the fittest, a game where only the fittest will survive – learn about how natural selection works.

Water bazookas
Ready, aim, fire…Test your target skills. (Warning: You may get wet!)

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Where: 370B Main Road, Observatory