‘Kanoeksie en Kadoeksie’ in Paarl

Kids’ two favourite elves, Kanoeksie en Kadoeksie, in ‘Mense wat ons help’ – Oumeulteater, Paarl, Friday 9 at 10h00 – R 45pp.

Afrikaans children’s theatre presented by Skye Kids Productions.

Our two favourite elves, Kanoeksie and Kadoeksie, are back to take children on a new adventure ….

When Kadoeksie and Pippie want to build a road to get to Kanoeksie’s doll’s house, they find that it isn’t as easy as it seems, and that numerous other people are required to get the job done.

This leads them on an adventure of discovery, learning about different occupations, and finding out that each and every person has an important role to play.

Show starts at 10h00. R 45pp.

Contact details

Web: http://ow.ly/GU03T
Email: vicky@oumeulteater.co.za
Tel: 0835640056
Where: Oumeulteater, Mill Street, Paarl