Sandcastles and sunshine

‘Parents with Tots in Tow’ are hosting a free ‘sandcastles and sunshine’ meet-and-greet event – Clifton 4th Beach on Sat 10 from 09h00-11h00.

Clifton is one of the city’s most popular beaches because of how protected it is from the wind. There are large sandy areas so it’s great for picnics, playing in the sand and ball games (but swimming in the very icy water is strictly for the brave!).

There are four lifeguards on duty from December to March. There should still be parking available in the little parking area if you get there early, otherwise it’s a short walk down to the beach.

The beach is not pram, wheelchair or dog-friendly though so leave the pooches at home and be prepared to wear or carry your offspring if they’re not walkers.

There will be some buckets, spades and balls around but do take extra if you’ve got, and maybe a pop-up sunshade – those are always a hit.

Parents can relax and get to know one another, and enjoy a moment in the sun.

Contact details

Tel: 0722229202
Where: Clifton 4th Beach, Victoria Road, Camps Bay