Cannon firing at the Taalmonument

A cannon firing at the Taalmonument on Saturday 31 at 11h30 includes a short talk on SA’s cannons, a demonstration on loading, and firing.

This is the first of a series of firings to be held, in collaboration with CAOSA (Cannon Association of South Africa), on the last Saturday of every month.

The firing includes a short talk on the history of South Africa’s cannons and the VOC cannon signal system, as well as a demonstration of the use of all the loading gear. The cannon is loaded with gunpowder (no projectile). The cannoneer will ask a question about the cannon’s history and a member of the public who answers correctly, will get the opportunity to fire the cannon. CAOSA issues a certificate as proof that this person has fired the cannon at the Taalmonument.

The talk is offered at 11h30 (in English) and at 11:h45 (in Afrikaans). The cannon, a Half Pounder (1770 Armstrong), is fired at 12h00 from the Garden Theatre stage.

Cannon firings are scheduled for 31 May, 28 June, 26 July, 30 August, 27 September, 25 October, 29 November and 27 December, as well as 24 September (Heritage Day).

Safe parking is available and access is controlled.

Entrance fees at the gate are R 20 for adults, R 10 for students and R 5 for children (free under six years).
No booking is required.

Contact details

Tel: 0218630543
Where: Gabbema Doordrift Street, Paarl Mountain, Paarl