‘Kanoeksie en Kadoeksie’ in Paarl

Afrikaans theatre for children – kids’ two favourite elves, Kanoeksie en Kadoeksie, at the Oumeulteater, Paarl, Sat 14 at 10h00 – R 50pp.

Afrikaans children’s theatre presented by Skye Kids Productions.

Our two favourite elves, Kanoeksie and Kadoeksie, are back to take children on a new adventure …

With Anel Skye, Ulrike Vorndan and Chrizane Kellerman.

Saturday 14 January 2017.
Show starts at 10h00. R 50pp.

Bookings: 082 464 2883

Contact details

Web: http://ow.ly/LFcN307F76M
Email: michelle@oumeulteater.co.za
Tel: 0824642883
Where: Oumeulteater, Mill Street, Paarl