KZN Sharks Board show

Close encounters of the shark kind! Attend a presentation by the KZN Sharks Board, learn about sharks, and see a shark dissection. Sun 5.

A large screen 25 minute audio-visual presentation draws the audience in the world of the shark and the role the KZNSB plays in keeping our protected beaches free from shark attack – audiences will be enlightened into the activities and daily life at the Sharks Board.

This is followed by a 30 minute shark dissection. These sharks were found dead in the shark safety gear during routine servicing at protected beaches and then stored in deep freezers until required for dissection. This ensures that the specimens do not deteriorate and valuable information is not lost. The curved, tiered seating assures easy viewing of the dissection. The presenter gives an overview of the shark to be dissected e.g. species, sex, length and weight before the actual dissection begins.

For many of the people attending the shows, this is their first encounter with a real shark, and the only opportunity they may ever have of touching the skin, seeing the internal structure and learning about the world of the shark. Senses, reproduction, feeding habits etc. are all covered.

Adults: R 45pp
Adult groups (15 or more people): R 30pp (group payment)
Children and pensioners: R 25pp
Child and pensioner groups (15 or more people): R 15pp (group payment).

Sunday 7 September at 13h00.

Contact details

Tel: 0315660435
Where: 1a Herrwood Drive, Umhlanga