Talana Live

Historical battle re-enactments, a ‘Night at the Museum’, vintage cars, pipe bands and more at ‘Talana Live’ in Dundee this weekend.

Download a full programme of events here: http://ow.ly/CNIpe.

Friday 17 October
18h00 Food and refreshment stalls open for evening programme
18h30 “Night at the Museum”
19h40 Historical talk

Saturday 18 October
07h00 Gates open for stall holders – to be set up by 09h30
09h30 Parade forms up in Ann St behind Purcells Engineering
10h00 Parade through Dundee Led by Pipe Band and Colour Party
10h30 – 17h30 At Talana Museum:
Live Art on the Lawn
Children’s Creative painting
Artists will sketch your portrait
Art exhibition
Art colony
Vintage and veteran cars
Motorcycles displays
Steam engines
Miniature car and other vehicles exhibition
Heritage games
Ring toss
Apple bobbing
Dart the balloon
and many more
Outdoor chess
Chess championship games
Outdoor Mlabalaba
Militaria display
Food court and beer garden
Tea garden
Craft village – art and craft show
11h15 Parade from gates of the museum led by Pipe Band
11h35 Pipe Band performance
11h55 Red Soldier demonstration of battle tactics
12h20 Indian Dance performance
12h45 Official Opening of Orange Grove dairy display
13h00 Red Soldier demonstration of battle tactics
13h30 Afro/Indian fusion dance performance
13h30 Historical talk Medals of the Anglo-Boer War by Pat Rundgren
14h00 Pipe Band performance
14h30 Battle of Talana re-enactment
15h00 Heritage talk and demonstration on Zulu cultural lifestyle
15h30 Pipe Band performance and wreath laying
16h00 Re-enactment – capture of Winston Churchill
16h45 Sunset parade and lowering of the flag
17h30 Game drive at Ingudlane Lodge (R 150pp)
17h45 MOTH shell hole will be open Pub will be open

Sunday 19 October
07h00 Explanation on battle of Talana from Lennox hill
08h00 Breakfast served at lodge – prior reservation required
09h30 Dundee Heritage Trail by Pam McFadden – walk and talk
09h30 Wreath-laying
11h30 Visit to Thornley (Boer headquarters, hospital of battle of Talana)

Weekend: R 50 per adult, R 20 per scholar
Friday: R 15 per adult, R 10 per scholar
Saturday: R 25 per adult, R 15 per scholar
Sunday: R 25 per adult, R 15 per scholar

Contact details

Web: http://ow.ly/CNHTh
Email: info@talana.co.za
Tel: 0342122654
Where: Talana Museum, R33, Dundee