Guided walk through the Kenneth Stainbank Nature Reserve

The Honorary Officers of the Kenneth Stainbank Nature Reserve will lead a guided walk in the reserve on Saturday 8 at 06h45 – R 20pp.

Aside from the wonderful plant life, you may also get to see zebra, bushbuck, reedbuck, impala, blue, red and grey duiker, vervet monkeys, mongoose, bushbabies and dassies or rock hyrax.

There is also an enormous variety of birds, including the grey cuckoo shrike, tambourine dove and the white-eared barbet.

At the dam area you may find more water birds, including the red-chested flufftail, whilst a climb into the forest area, where it is quieter and you need a little more patience, will give you access to the narina trogon, olive woodpecker, lemon dove and yellow-bellied greenbul.

The walk is 2.5 hours long, and costs R 20 per person. Meet in the car park at 06h45.

Contact details

Tel: 0723905906
Where: Kenneth Stainbank Nature Reserve, Coedmore Avenue, Durban South