Art for the Rhinos Festival

Artists of all ages (adults too!) can contribute their talents (art, music, poetry, crafts) at an Art for Rhinos Festival in PMB on Sat 22.

The KZN National Botanical Garden will be hosting an ‘Art for the Rhinos Festival’ on Saturday 22 November from 09h00 to 12h00.

The black rhino is critically endangered, only 5 055 remain in the wild. The white rhino was once on the brink of extinction with only around 50 individuals left in the wild. There are now about 20,405 white rhino. Most live in South Africa, but they are being poached – this year so far about 787 white rhino have been poached,

You can make a difference!

The festival aims to raise money help save the rhinos – all proceed will be donated to Rhino Rage (
There will be crafts to do, food, music and information about rhinos.

You are invited to contribute your talents, whatever they may be – artists of all ages are welcome (adults too!). All forms of art are welcome – painting, sketching, drama, music, poetry, busking, crafts, etc.

Get your creative juices flowing!

Contact details

Tel: 0333443585
Where: 2 Swartkops Road, Prestbury, Pietermaritzburg