Nivea Sunslide

Kids can enjoy the giant inflatable 4.5m high Nivea sunslide whilst receiving a fine spray of SPF50+ for complete sun protection. 21-24 Dec.

Children love spending time outside, but they usually resist or escape the sunscreen application process, making this a frustrating, but necessary exercise for parents.

Understanding this dynamic sparked the ingenious concept of a giant inflatable water Sunslide that simultaneously applies sunscreen to children as they slide down the water slide.

The slide is filled with approximately 50 litres of waterproof NiveaSun Kids Swim & Play Protection Sun Lotion SPF 50+ .

Once the Sunslide is turned on, hundreds of fine spray jet outlets fitted at the top of the slide spray down a light film of sunscreen onto the kids as they enter the arch, covering them from head to toe in sunscreen.

This ensures that each child gets equal and even coverage. Once they’re protected, they can go and play to their hearts’ content while parents sit back and relax with total peace of mind; the slide gets to those hard-to-reach places like behind their ears, between their toes and on the scalp. All it takes is one slide for full and complete coverage and each child will also be given a pair of goggles before sliding down to make sure their eyes are completely protected.

21 December 2016 – Margate Beach
22 December 2016 – Ballito Beach
23 December 2016 – Ushaka Beach – East Coast Radio Beach Festival
24 December 2016 – Ushaka Beach – East Coast Radio Beach Festival

Note: Dates may change due to weather – check final dates on Facebook (NiveaSA) for up-to-date information.

Contact details

Tel: 0860102091
Where: Margate, Ballito and uShaka