Umgeni Steam Railway

Take the kids for a train ride from Kloof to Inchanga (including return); Mon 26, Tue 27, Sun 1 or Mon 2. Adults R 220, kids R 150.

NOTE: Due to maintenance schedules, a diesel-hauled loco will be used for the running day trips until the mend of January.

Trains run from Kloof Station (Stokers’ Arms) to and from Inchanga Station, along the edge of the picturesque Valley of a 1000 Hills.

Inchanga is a colonial station (built in 1895) and is 45-minute ride away along the old main line. The line was built in the late 1800s and is one of the oldest active railway lines in South Africa today.

At Inchanga Station is the popular Inchanga Station Craft Market where many hand-crafted items can be found, and numerous food outlets to help satisfy the weary traveller! There is also a picnic area, and pony rides and a model railway display.

Whilst at Inchanga, visit the Inchanga Tea Garden and Museum, where you can enjoy some of their home made cuisine., and where they offer personalised ‘one-on-one’ tours of the museum and the railway yard.

Tours are offered during the week and the weekend, except the days when the train is running.

Their website is found at

Online booking at the Umgeni Steam Railway’s website.

Monday 26 December
12h30 (Sold out)

Tuesday 27 December
12h30 (Sold out)

Sunday 1 January

Tuesday 2 January

R 220 Adults
R 150 Children (2-12 years)
R 150 Pensioners (over 65)

Contact details

Tel: 0823536003
Where: Stokers’ Arms (old Kloof Railway Station), Old Main Road, Kloof