Mitchell Park Zoo

Kids will love the crocodiles, buck, meerkats, cranes, flamingoes, wallabies, monkeys, birds and tortoises found at Mitchell Park Zoo.

There is a range of exotic birds, as well as other feathered friends such as ducks, peacocks, cranes and flamingos. Wallabies, small antelope, crocodiles, raccoons, and a variety of monkey species also occupy the park’s enclosure. You might even see the shy bush babies if you look carefully enough. Look out for the walk-through aviary that offers fantastic encounters with many of Mitchell Park’s birdlife.

For children, Mitchell Park in Durban is a wonderland of exciting sights, sounds and experiences. Aside from the zoo and its many creatures, the park also boasts a playground that is specially designed for small children. There are jungle gyms, swings and slides, as well as a sandy covering for added safety. Moms can sit and relax nearby, while visitors of all ages can enjoy a bite to eat at the Blue Zoo restaurant.

Carefully tended lawns are perfect for family picnics, and even skottle braais are allowed.

Mitchell Park’s staff members take an interest in educating children on the animal and plant worlds. They teach visitors how to preserve our natural wonders so that future generations may also enjoy them.

Entrance fees:
Adults R 10
Children R 7
Pensioners R 4

Hours: 08h00 to 16h00 daily

Contact details

Tel: 0313032275
Where: 10 Ferndale Road, Durban