I’m Bored is not just a directory list of events, but rather a social medium to share content, upload your own events, and track (bookmark) your favourite kid-friendly activities.

As such, we’ve always asked our families to sign up for our functionality. Many people are averse to giving Facebook permissions to 3rd party apps, even our very useful app, because of all the abuse out there. We have listened to you, and now you can access our great content WITHOUT signing up!

You will need to sign in (using your Facebook or Google+ account) if you’d like to interact with the app, but all browsing is now available with no sign in. We hope that our families will see the usefulness of our info, and over time will be happy to sign in to access the bookmarking of activities, sharing with friends, and even uploading their own community or commercial events.


Here’s a quick tutorial on everything you can do on I’m Bored:

1. Look for What’s On information for specific dates (the week-end, next week, or even on a particular day).
Date Filter


2. Toggle between Our Suggestions, search for a specific activity such as “hikes” or “indoors”, and review your saved Favourites list (only available if signed in).

3. We include tons of detail for each event, including when it’s on, where to book, what it costs, who to contact and a web link (where possible).
Tile Detail

4. Marking an activity as a favourite is a simple click on the tile, and you can then return to this activity at any time by viewing “My favourites”.
Toggle  Favourite status

5. If we have a competition running, you can Enter into the competition at the top of the page (you do need to be signed in for this). And we announce the winners via the App, so check back regularly to see if you are one of the many people who have already benefited from our great give-aways.

6. Invite your friends with family to check us out too. We will not spam them, and we’re sure that your friends will thank you for helping them to keep the kids entertained!

7. Are you organizing a community or club event? Maybe your sports team has an exhibition match, or you have an open day coming up that you’d like to share? You can upload your event directly to our listing. We will curate the event first, so don’t worry if you get anything wrong, we’ll fix up the details so long as you tell us about your event. Look at the top right hand screen, and you’ll see a big red button “Add your Event”. Just follow the simple prompts, and you’ll soon have the best promotion you can get! One free promotion per event – you won’t get better PR value for your money than that.


As always, please tell us what we are doing right, and where we can improve? Now get out there and spend some quality time with the kids!