Under the Baobab Tree

‘Under the Baobab Tree’ at the National Children’s Theatre – the story of a box filled with memories and music. 7-12 October.

The National Children’s Theatre presents ‘Under the Baobab Tree’, a delightful story of Oom Jack, the old man, a farmworker all his life, who died on the day after Nelson Mandela.

He left a battered trunk to the children, all the children of the farm. First out is an old cassette recorder -“it’s a giant cellphone; it’s an outsized I-Pod!” – then colourful cloths, smashed tin cans, an old photograph, a vuvuzela.

Each sparks one of the stories he used to tell, acted out with skill and verve by five versatile adults. There’s the tale of the monster in the cupboard, the African Cinderella and the beauty queen who married for fame and fortune and found she should have chosen love instead.

Through the old cassettes comes the distinctive voice of Miriam Makeba, singing the Click Song and the cast (and audience) join in for a spirited rendition of “Pata Pata”.

A delightful story about the ants’ soccer world cup leads into an energetic “Waka Waka”, the crumpled tin cans adding to the percussion.

As the adults remember, the children come together to take ownership of the trunk and the memories it contains, so much more than silver or gold.

Booking essential. There are two types of tickets – tickets for chairs and tickets for cushions. Tickets for chairs are R110 and tickets for cushions are R90. To book phone 011 484 1584, or e-mail bookings@nctt.org.za.

7 October to 12 October
During school holiday, Tuesday to Sunday at 10h30 and 14h30.

Contact details

Web: http://ow.ly/CiVLn
Email: bookings@nctt.org.za
Tel: 0114841584
Where: 3 Junction Avenue, Parktown