African Penguin Awareness Day at the Pretoria Zoo

Join Pretoria Zoo on Sat 11, for African Penguin Awareness Day. Colouring-in competition for ages 4-10, penguin show, and other activities.

The National Zoological Gardens of South Africa coordinates the Pan African Association of Zoos and Aquaria’s (PAAZA) conservation breeding programme (APP) for the African penguin. This entails that, as well as caring for and managing its own flock of 27 African penguins, it also monitors and make breeding recommendations for all of the approximately 230 African penguins being housed by other zoos that participate in the conservation programme.

The NZG is also helping to plan the future release of captive African penguins back into the wild by carrying out detailed risk assessments for reintroduction for Cape Nature and investigating the genetics of wild African penguin populations.

Join them for their African Penguin Day Awareness Day activities.

On Saturday 11 October 2014, the NZG is planning some activities for its visitors to promote the awareness of the plight of flightless birds. A colouring competition will be held for children from the ages of 4-10 years with some cute and cuddly prizes up for grabs.

Various feeding times will take place at the penguin enclosure accompanied by educational public talks, as well as a penguin and seal show at the zoo’s Stormy Bay exhibit.

Contact details

Tel: 0123392705
Where: 232 Boom Street, Pretoria