Cooper’s Cave picnic and tour

Book a family tour of Cooper’s Cave at Sterkfontein – Saturday 6 at 09h00. Adults R 375, Kids R 150, includes a picnic lunch.

There’s no better way to teach your children something new than by letting them experience it first-hand, and there’s not much to beat Cooper’s Cave, a living museum in which fossils remain embedded in ancient rock to tell tales of a bygone era.

The day’s activities are led by palaeoanthropologist Christine Steininger, whose passion for human evolution and fossils, along with her wealth of knowledge about this remarkable landscape, add great value to every tour she conducts.

Her tour describes the environment past and present, and includes an interactive fossil and site talk, exploring a cave, searching for fossils in recently excavated deposits and learning how to make stone tools.

Cooper’s Cave is renowned for the diversity of animals contained in its fossil record. It was on this exact spot some 1.8- to 1.4-million years ago that hunting hyena and sabre-toothed cats once stalked their prey while early hominin Paranthropus robustus fought for survival.

An open woodland habitat with abundant food and water attracted a range of species to the area, many of which remain frozen in time for modern humans to discover. The high level of calcium carbonate contained in the surrounding rock structure helped to speed up the preservation process and promote fossilisation of remains.

Learn about the fascinating research that’s taking place at Cooper’s Cave and gain a personal perspective on the fossil record. The cave is an easy 1.2 km walk from Sterkfontein Caves, which makes it an ideal family outing. A picnic rounds off an exciting day’s outdoor activities.

The cost of the tour, which includes a picnic lunch, is:
R 375 per adult
R 150 for children (4-14)

Wear comfortable walking shoes and take a jersey, torch, hat, sunscreen and camera.

Contact details

Tel: 0145779000
Where: R563 Hekpoort Road, Sterkfontein