Kids’ fishing camp on the Vaal

Learn to fish! Three-day (two-night) kids’ fishing camp on the Vaal, for ages 7-15, from 6-8 Jan. All equipment supplied.

Fishing equipment is supplied (fishing rod, reels, hooks, bait, traces and lines).

Children are taught to understand the various tools, such as the types, textures and qualities of fishing rods and reels, as well as the type of fishing lines and traces.

They will also learn how to tie simplex and complex knots, and understand the different methods of fishing. They will learn what types of bait to use to catch specific fish.

They will learn how to handle and cast their fishing rod, and how to observe the river flow, temperature and environment.

And finally they will learn how to catch the fish – how to reel it in and draw it near the net.

All skill levels are welcome, from the beginner to the more experienced.

Along with the experience of learning how to fish, other activities include table tennis, board games, educational movies on BIG screen, pool table, camp fires and canoeing along the Vaal River.

Safe and comfortable accommodation is provided in chalets, bringing the children closer to nature.

Transport to Villa Nova included.

R 980pp all inclusive.

Contact details

Tel: 0836102911
Where: Villa Nova, Vaal Vista