Nerine Dorman has just released her new fantasy book, The Guardian’s Wyrd, aimed at 11 to 15 year-olds. We were excited to hear that it is set in Hout Bay (well partly, but I won’t give away too much) and features a South African hero. I’m Bored got a copy to review, and we decided to ask an expert what they thought – an 11 year-old!

Aidan Strydom, 11, writes:

An exceptional book, portraying how Jay September, a lonely teen stands up for the new kid in school, even though he doesn’t know why. The new kid, Rowan, becomes his only friend besides his beloved dog Shadow. Jay’s first outing to Rowan’s house leaves him puzzled when he discovers what looks like the head of a unicorn in the living room!

Jay takes us through a terrific fight with the Watcher in the Dark, the discovery of his ability to wield magic and the not so bright and lovely Sunthyst. Using a magic flute he completes Queen Persia’s hair-brained scheme to steal Rowan back from under King Lessian’s nose. On his journey home Jay guides us through his period of extreme tiredness, the prospect of been torn apart by a werewolf and the meeting of an unexpected companion in the tunnels between worlds.

This is a “must read” fantasy book for all ages. I really enjoyed The Guardian’s Wyrd.


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