Pokémon GO at uShaka Marine World

Gotta catch ’em all on Saturday 28! Join a public meet-up event at uShaka Marine World. Located within uShaka are 15 Pokéstops and 1 Gym!

Calling all Pokémon Go Trainers! u Shaka Marine World is the place to be to catch new Pokémon, visit new PokéStops and complete virtual battles.

Located within the park are 15 PokéStops and 1 Gym that will appeal to all Pokémon GO enthusiasts.

Catching Pokémon is at the heart of every Pokémon game and with the new revolution of Pokémon GO, you can explore real-world locations, like uShaka Marine World whilst finding Pokémon to catch.

Keep an eye out for your next PokéStop, get close to it and you may be collecting Poké Balls and other items, which appear as blue squares on your map. Remember! You can also level up, unlock medals and more when searching for Pokémon to catch.

Saturday 28 January 2017
17h00 to 20h00

Contact details

Web: http://ow.ly/sg9F308lYkN
Email: mkt@ushakamarineworld.co.za
Tel: 0636635354
Where: 1 King Shaka Avenue, Point, Durban